2021-22 Season

Fluxus Fest 2021

Combining the physical and the virtual, Fluxus Fest 2021 is a celebration of performance and presence. 


-Weekly "pop-up" fluxus performances on YouTube by Federico Balducci, Corey Smith, Justine Sedky, Ty Easley, Terminal Moraine, James Vitz-Wong, and Thomas Kratofil


-A sneak peek of interludes from Grey Grant's upcoming "Ropeplay" (Oct 28)

-A live in-person show at One Rivington in downtown NYC featuring Karl Ronneburg, PROMPTUS, Calvin Hitchcock, Anastasia Shmytova, and Ben Murphy!

Oct 30, 7:30pm: For tickets and more info, see https://metropolisensemble.org/all-events/fluxusfest2021

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The Precipice

Karl Ronneburg's The Precipice will begin workshops in Fall 2021, with premieres in 2022 and 2023. Weaving together text from journal entries and poems by Karl Ronneburg and Grey Grant, The Precipice  is an evening-length staged song-cycle that explores our relationship with moments of transition. Scenes take place alternatively as conversations and parallel monologues between the two characters in a variety of meeting places: a coffee shop, a bus ride, a camping trip, a dinner party. 

Ultimately, the titular Precipice represents a metaphor of irreversible change: taking a leap, making a big decision, jumping—and throughout, the costs of those decisions weigh heavily. Who or what do we leave behind when we move on from a relationship or place? What do we hold on to? How do we make those leaps without losing ourselves in the process, without letting go of what it is about those places and relationships that made us who we are?

Plus More To Be Announced!

2020-21 Season

Fluxus Fest - Year One

Fifth Wall Performing Arts presents simultaneous virtual performances of Fluxus and original Fluxus-inspired pieces across the country at complementary moments, embracing the locations we are all in and creating a hodgepodge of Fluxus that only the internet age can provide.

Fluxus works were presented live on Facebook and YouTube on the first four Saturdays in October from 3:00-3:30pm EDT, with a massive combined stream on Oct 31 featuring a talkback with artists. See the full program here.

What is Fluxus?
Fluxus was an interdisciplinary, neo-avant-garde artist collective/movement in the 60s and 70s whose artists sought to infuse everyday life with heightened aesthetic awareness and appreciation. Fluxus artists looked for value in the commonplace, believing that art can be anywhere and belong to anyone. Fluxus artists variously included George Maciunas, Dick Higgins, Nam June Paik, Alison Knowles, Yoko Ono, Wolf Vostell, Emmett Williams, Ben Patterson, Takako Saito, La Monte Young, Meiko Shiomi, Jackson Mac Low, George Brecht, Ken Friedman, and more. For an introduction to the movement and how we see Fluxus as relevant in 2020, check out our article in New Music America!


Oct 3rd:
Emily Allison Zhou, Clay Gonzalez, Grey Grant, Elliot Cole, Christopher Rountree, Kalun Leung


Oct 10:
Peter Littlejohn, Karl Ronneburg,
Joey Chang, Katherine Lim, Justine Sedky, Luna Lenus-Bromley, PROMPTUS (Darian Thomas, Tyler Cunningham, and Liana Kleinman)

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danger music number 3.jpg

Dick Higgins' Fluxus-style Event Score for Danger Music #3: a vision of 1960s social distancing that resonates eerily today.

Oct 17:
Thomas Kratofil, José María, slapslap (Cameron Wilson, Maddy Wildman, Tanner Tanyeri, Ezra Gans), Ben Murphy, Cassandra Venaglia, Karl Ronneburg

Oct 24:
Hannah McLaughlin, Raquel Klein, Corey Smith, ensemble consensus, Danielle Mumpower, Luke Stewart, James Vitz-Wong, Karl Ronneburg, Grey Grant, Carlos Duran

Oct 31st: Every work performed during the month of October streamed in one mega event! A talk-back with some of the artists will follow the stream. 

Black Hearts, Black Voices

Black Hearts, Black Voices is an audio show about love and blackness, directed by Maya Johnson. Every Valentine’s Day, artists share their stories about love and loneliness, parenthood and platonic relationships, sex, sacrifice, kink and consent. For the first show on February 14th, 2021, the theme is Distance. In March of 2020, the entire country was brought to a screeching halt that persisted through spring, summer, and now into autumn with no clear vision of the future. Some of us were forced to be away from loved ones, others were trapped in apartments with way too many people. Distance, or lack of it, for months on end, has changed us. Forever.

See the full show on our YouTube Channel.

2019-20 Season

Michigan Trees: A Guide to the Trees of Michigan and the Great Lakes Region, Tanne Porter

Michigan Trees: A Guide to the Trees of Michigan and the Great Lakes Region

Grey Grant's Michigan Trees: A Guide to the Trees of Michigan and the Great Lakes Region is a new folk opera for classical and folk vocalists, steeped in mythos and Michigan, all the while remaining relevant to the present experiences of trans* folks. In the opera we follow the journey of Orna, a trans-woman as she grapples with self-acceptance. She travels to the north of Michigan--guided by the Mother of Trees--to transform into a white-pine that will sit upon Chapel Rock, on the edge of Lake Superior, overlooking it all. 

Check out the media page for the highlight reel

August 28 - 29, 2019 | Freighthouse, Ypsilanti, MI

October 12, 2019 | Dixon Place, New York, NY