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Who We Are | What We Do

Fifth Wall Performance Arts began its life in Karl's living room where its two founders Karl and Grey produced an adaptation of Philip Glass' Einstein on the Beach, entitled Einstein in the HOUSE, making the most out of nothing. The wildly successful, remember-that-one-time-when event was the catalyst for Karl and Grey to continue their work producing new works of theatre and music on the fringes of their genres. 

The company, Fifth Wall Performing Arts is confronting: calling into question the institutions of performative art-making by dismantling the suspension of disbelief and by creating work that is personal, intimate, and unabashed. As an interdisciplinary performance collective, Fifth Wall produces works of opera, theatre, and music that call into question the nature of what it means to perform both “in character” and as oneself, and by what means— what vessel, what landscape— stories, histories, and mythologies are shared.

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