Inaugural Season

Michigan Trees: A Guide to the Trees of Michigan and the Great Lakes Region, Tanne Porter

Michigan Trees: A Guide to the Trees of Michigan and the Great Lakes Region

August 28 - 29, 2019 | Freighthouse, Ypsilanti, MI

October 12, 2019 | Dixon Place, New York, NY

Michigan Trees: A Guide to the trees of Michigan and the Great Lakes region is a new folk opera for classical and folk vocalists, steeped in mythos and Michigan, all the while remaining relevant to the present experiences of trans* folks. In the opera we follow the journey of Orna, a trans-woman as she grapples with self-acceptance. She travels to the north of Michigan--guided by the Mother of Trees--to transform into a white-pine that will sit upon Chapel Rock, on the edge of Lake Superior, overlooking it all. 




Allison Prost - Orna, As She Sees Herself

Grey Grant - Orna, As She Feels She is Seen

Kate Moss, Kara Huckabone, Samantha Kao- Mother of Trees (MI)

Hayley Boggs, Zoe Hart, Samatha Kao - Mother of Trees (NYC)


Converge New Music

Megan Roher, Malhar Kute, violins; Ryan McDonald, viola; Hanna Brooke Rumora, cello


Danielle Gonzalez, Sofia Carbonara - percussion (MI)

Riley Palmer, Tanner Tanyeri - percussion (NYC)


Rehearsal Pianist - Samantha Kao



Composer/Librettist - Grey Grant


Producers - Fifth Wall Performing ARts


Director and Dramaturgy - Karl Ronneburg


Sound Design and Operation - Peter Littlejohn (MI)

Lighting Design - Emily Yang (MI)


Front of House Manager - Madeline Endres (MI)

Artwork - Tanner Porter

Cast and Creative Team

Fluxus Fest - Year One


Ann Arbor, MI & New York, NY

Two locations, one day, zero f***s

This fest will include a lineup of NYC's and SW Michigan's best underground fluxus acts. Each location's performances will be simultaneously live-streamed and shown at their opposite location, creating a hodgepodge of fluxus that only the internet age can provide. Specific locations and times to be announced soon.

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